beyond stage in a variety of sizes
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A stage consists of a platform and four legs. The picture for your reference. The most amazing thing is that available in a variety of sizes. Such as 1M × 1M, 1M × 2M, 1.22M × 1.22M ( = 4' × 4' ), 1.22M × 2.44M ( = 4' × 8' ). Is there only these sizes? No, of course not. What's more, we often accept the customized size and shape, like the round stage. For the material of the stage platform, there are four material for your choice, Carpet finish, Industrial material, Tuffcoat finish, Armorplate Glass. But generally speaking, the industrial material is the hottest. For the height, there are fixed height and adjustable height.

Stage Size Thickness Height Material
Beyond stage 1M × 1M 18mm 30~50cm Carpet
  1M × 2M 18mm 40~60cm Industrial
  1.22M × 1.22M 18mm 50~80cm Tuffcoat
  1.22M × 2.44M 18mm 60~100cm  Glass

beyond stage